Utah Jazz Continue to Thrive Using as a Team-Oriented System

Losing Gordan Hayward was tough for Utah fans, but the emergence of Donovan Mitchell and a couple roster changes led Utah to salvage the season and enter the 2nd round of the playoffs.

By looking at win-shares (primer here), we can see an informed estimate to the total contribution an individual makes to their team’s success. From that, we can also calculate (methodology here) and compare each player’s salary to the $ value they produced for the team.

So what does our comparative analysis show us about who among the team performed best last season?
Utah - Salary vs productivity

Derrick Favors was actually the highest performing player, and this may have something to do with Gobert’s injury resulting in a loss of playing time as well as Favors’ remarkable efficiency.

Questions were raised when Joe Ingles received his big contract, but his productivity on the floor, especially as it relates to his shooting percentage from 3, show his compensation was fair.

Rubio, as the playmaker was also a top performer, though did not perform to the level of his compensation. This may be due to his backcourt counterpart, Donovan Mitchell, leading the team’s offence.

Jerebko, Udoh, and O’Neale also performed far better than what they were being paid.


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