Kemba is Far More Valuable to the Hornets than his Paycheck Suggests

The Hornets ran another disappointing campaign, with once again failing to qualify for the playoffs. But performances by Kemba Walker and Dwight Howard still kept them in the running throughout the season.

So who performed best on the team?

By looking at win-shares (primer here), we can see an informed estimate to the total contribution an individual makes to their team’s success. From that, we can also calculate (methodology here) and compare each player’s salary to the $ value they produced for the team.

Charlotte - Salary vs Productivity

Dwight Howard, while performing less than what he was making, still exceeded expectations, as few were expecting a comeback season after his tenure with Atlanta.

The results also show Charlotte still has a number of bad contracts, with figures like Batum, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Cody Zeller making substantially more than their impact on the court.

But if there’s a silver lining from Charlotte, it’s that performances from their all-star and young bench, with the exception of Malik Monk, show a promising future for the future.

And let’s focus on Kemba Walker, He performed twice as better than his compensation. With his contract expiring in 2019, he’s sure to get a payday, if he remains in Charlotte.


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