The Rockets have a Big-3 dynamic

The Houston Rockets ended the regular season with the best record and were a game away from the finals, and possibly even had the opportunity to win a championship. Compared to their teammates, which Rockets player were the most impactful?

By looking at win-shares (primer here), we can see an informed estimate to the total contribution an individual makes to their team’s success. From that, we can also calculate (methodology here) and compare each player’s salary to the $ value they produced for the team.

Houston - Salary vs productivity

Like other super-teams, the best players usually produce somewhat less than the max they’re being paid for, as the dynamic opens them up to being able to recruit talented players on minimum contracts that perform better than their compensation.

A key takeaway here is the rise of Clint Capela. He has the exact same productivity as Chris Paul, yet was still on his entry-level contract. Now that his contract is up, will the Rockets fork up enough cash to pay him? They absolutely should and the media should start treating Clint Capela as a vital member of Houston’s Big-3.



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